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Are you in wide receiver trouble? I am. If you drafted Dez Bryant or Sammy Watkins on your fantasy football teams, you probably kicked in your monitor. Don’t blame yourself. The fantasy football gods can be cruel.

Let’s start with Dez Bryant. The player who robbed his mom (I wish I were kidding). Without Tony Romo, Bryant is no longer the top tier fantasy wide receiver. Dezzy has shown he hasn’t been able to stay healthy the past two years. The Cowboys are not counting him out just yet as he may play through his fractured knee. Ouch. That sounds painful. If you drafted him in the high second round, you hope he can play through the pain or gets healthy. No point in dropping him, it’s already too late.

Also, Sammy Watkins and his f#cking foot. Seriously man. He is always banged up, and it’s always that foot. It’s like Watkins has been wearing high heels all day and decided to play football on Sundays. The Buffalo Bills have placed him on IR and will be out eight weeks. Based on this timeline, he may be back to help your fantasy team in week 12 or 13. Does this suck? Yes. Because you probably invested a high second or third round pick on him.

Time to work the waiver wire. Few options out there: Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams of the Cowboys or Adam Humphries of the Bucs.

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