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After thinking about this more, I think coach Chip Kelly has a strategy here if the NFL approves the new two-point conversion rule. Eagles new vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowtiz told that Tim Tebow’s unique skill set could be an asset if the NFL decides to change the mechanics of the extra point.  Thus, making Tebow a two-point conversion specialist.

Tim Tebow to own Two-point Conversions

If the NFL makes this official, this would undoubtedly change Tebow’s status on the team and his role with the Eagles. I can foresee him being a nuisance for opponents on short yardage, extra point conversion opportunities and on special teams. Nobody in the NFL would see this coming as they’ll be too scared to try any of this. We’ll anyone but Chip Kelly who has more power then the mayor of Philadelphia at this point.

Knowing Chip Kelly and how crazy that man is, he would do this to get the upper hand. For every two-point conversion, he’ll spread everyone out and put Tebow in shotgun with Demarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles in the backfield. Kelly is that innovative but also crazy. We’ll see what the NFL does but this could actually be fun.

Check out this image on Twitter via Warren Sharp on this cool stat on Tim Tebow below. He could be a factor once the Eagles get in the redzone and for two-point conversions:

Tim Tebow to own 2PT conversions


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