Fantasy Football 2016: The Surprises

Fantasy football can be cruel. You can draft the best team and end up with terrible matchups and still lose. As much as I hate fantasy sometimes, I live for the bad moments especially when someone in your league has a player who is injured or benched. I also forgot the suspensions that even make it more spectacular especially speeding or even troubles at the night clubs. The 2016 year has been a disaster of injuries and pleasant surprises. Let’s highlight a few below.

In regards to injuries, let’s call out the main ones below this year: 

  • Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings – First round pick. Knee injury.
  • Jammal Charles, RB, Chiefs – Second or third round pick. Now a second surgery is needed. What a mess!
  • Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers – Third round pick. Major knee injury.
  • Doug Martin, RB, Bucs – Second round pick. Led the league in rushing and is hurt.
  • CJ Anderson, RB, Broncos – Second round pick. However, he had at least a good eight-week stretch.
  • Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys didn’t even make it to the regular season without breaking his glass plated collar-bone. I guess this wasn’t much of a shock.

The surprises this year: 

  • Patriots Tom Brady is near invincible after his suspension. Brady is off to a great start! He’s now 4-0 and has better fantasy stats than ten starting quarterbacks.
  • Melvin Gordon, RB, Chargers. After a terrible rookie year, he’s having a breakout second year with the Chargers.
  • Spencer Ware, RB, Chiefs is having a great fantasy year at the expense of one Jamaal Charles who I foolishly drafted in the second round without handcuffing him. I’m an idiot.
  • QB and most recent MVP, Cam Newton, hasn’t been injured, he’s just having a terrible year. What does he do? Complain and wear funky outfits to mask his ugly season. Smart!
  • Devonte Freeman, RB, Falcons is having a solid fantasy year even with Tevin Coleman as his backup.
  • Zeke Elliot, RB, Cowboys is running like the wind. I knew he was good but not this good.
  • Dak Prescott, new starting QB of the Cowboys is having a great season. The team is now 6-1, and fans in Dallas are saying Tony who?

With all the fantasy football mischief and lack of trust, you have to be kind to others. Remember, the fantasy football gods, are always watching.

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