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Fantasy Football 2016 – Midseason Awards (FANTASY PAJAMAS)

We are past the midseason point of the NFL season in 2016, and it’s time for the Fantasy Football FANTASY PAJAMAS midseason awards recap. Let’s go down the list of winners.


Most disappointing fantasy pick: The award goes to Todd Gurley, RB, Rams. Most fantasy owners selected Gurley in the first round. Too bad LA has no talent around him and runs into a wall every week. Another nominee for this prestigious award goes to DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Texans. Hopkins was drafted in the first round in most standard leagues and has struggled. I’m assuming Brock Osweiller wasn’t the answer for him. Other players in this category include Cam Newton, Doug Martin and Jamaal Charles.

Best breakout fantasy player: Yes, Melvin Gordon, RB, Chargers wins this award. Wow. For a running back who had no touchdowns last year, he was a pleasant surprise. I drafted Gordon last year, and he essentially did nothing for me like a new Kanye West concert. I mean what kind of player goes through the entire year without a TD?  I took this relationship too personal and refused to draft him this year, and I’m still mad. Honorable mentions go to Dolpins’Jay Ajayi who may win this award at the end of the year. He’s now the defacto number one running back for the Dolphins.

Most disappointing injury: The awards goes to Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings. AP was expected to be a beast and the savior for most fantasy teams. He blew up his knee, and the Vikings are stuck with the island of misfit toys at running back, Asiata and Mckinnon. Other nominees include Keenan Allen, Jamaal Charles, Dez Bryant, Thomas Rawles, and C.J Anderson.

Best fantasy player: David Johnson, RB, Cardinals. He was expected to be a beast and lived up to expectations as a top-ten fantasy pick. He’s currently the number one running back in most standard leagues and the defacto bell cow running back for the Cardinals who are struggling to find themselves offensively in the passing game. Honorable mentions go to Drew Brees, Blount and Tom Brady.

Most disappointing due to distraction: This wasn’t because of any DUIs, domestic violence or nightclub fights. The award goes to Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks. I have always said that athletes and celebrities don’t go well together, especially for your fantasy team. Once Wilson was hooking up with Ciara, his fantasy performance went to the dumps. Now Ciara is pregnant which makes Wilson completely distracted. Hopefully, he bounces back but the fantasy season is almost over.

Worst fantasy player returning from suspension: The award goes to Josh Gordon of the Browns who checked himself into rehab before working him back in shape. I remember one bonehead fantasy owner in one of my leagues drafted him in the 5th round. What a fool. However, let’s not forget about the weed smoking Le’Veon Bell who has done nothing since coming back from suspension.

Best waiver wire pickup: Tyrell Williams of the San Diego Chargers. After Keenan Allen went down early in the season, Williams has taken over as the primary wide receiver option for Rivers.

Best fantasy rookie: The award goes to Zeke Elliot, RB, Cowboys. He may be a terrible human being outside of the field but a fantastic fantasy option. Projected as a top ten pick in fantasy this year, and has more than delivered for fantasy owners. Honorable mentions go to Jordan Howard, Michael Thomas, and Dak Prescott. I think Mike Thomas may be the player that wins your league as the number one option for Drew Brees now.

Best handcuff pick: Spencer Ware, RB, Chiefs. Fantasy owners needed to handcuff Jamaal Charles because of injury concerns. Ware was being drafted in the later rounds. I was one owner who did not do this. I’m an idiot.

Worst fantasy drafted: Thomas Rawles, RB, Seahawks. I told everyone that he was banged up and most owners drafted him in the third round. The backup Christian Michael has taken over as the lead back and will most likely keep this number one role. Rawles will probably take a secondary role or Seattle may adopt an RBBC which screws everything up. Nobody wins. Honorable mentions for this award go to Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Josh Gordon and Todd Gurley.

Most likely to fail but you drafted him anyways without listening: The award goes to Arian Foster, RB, Dolphins. He just didn’t get hurt, he retired. After watching his buddy run back to back 200-yard games, he gave up and quit. As mentioned in my fantasy busts’ post, he was over 30 years of age and had multiple knee injuries before joining the Dolphins. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant was on the list of honorable mentions, but Foster won this fair and square.

Most surprising fantasy player: The award goes to Dak Prescott or “Dak to the future.” The Cowboys are now 7-1 and he has now been the defacto starter for the Cowboys. Honorable mentions go to Terrelle Pryor Sr. has made a smooth transition from quarterback to wide receiver.

Best comeback player of the year: The award goes to Mike Wallace of the Ravens. Who? Yes, the Steelers star wide receiver back in the day when he was fantasy relevant. He’s been Joe Flacco’s number one option at wide receiver for the Ravens as Steve Smith is recovering from injury.

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