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What to do about Jammal Charles?

Are you one of those owners who drafted Jamaal Charles without properly handcuffing him? Well, that was me too. In regards to the injury front with Jamaal, it doesn’t look good for week two (2). Coach Andy Reid doesn’t know when Jamaal will be ready which means a lot of Spencer Ware action. If you handcuffed Charles by drafting Ware, good on you.

What do you do with Jamaal Charles now? He tore his ACL a few times now, and I’m not sure if he’s going to be the same player. He may come back in week three or week five. Who knows? Even if he does come back, would Spencer Ware carry the load for goal line opportunities? I do know there are now a lot of stallions in the stable now. Before, it was just one horse called Jamaal.

My recommendation is to wait and see with Jamaal.  He’s a great player, but will be turning 30 years old this December. We all know he’s no longer the bell cow running back in Kansas City. Even if you do trade him, you won’t get the value of drafting him in the second or third round.

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