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On Saturday night, the Chicago Blackhawks took care of business by defeating the Anaheim Ducks 5-3. Game 7 wasn’t as close as I thought it was going to be as the Hawks stormed out of the gate 4-0. Sorry Duck fans but you guys sucked! I guess it shows the experience and maturity of the talented Blackhawks team, led by Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane. Captain Serious aka. Jonathan Toews showed why he’s one of the best and essentially won game 7 by himself.

Unlike the Ducks and Gordon Bombay, they win a lot and it’s annoying to teams like the Canucks who get out of the first round. Or the Maple Leafs who continue to buy crappy players and don’t even make the playoffs at all i.e David Clarkson, Fat Phil and the rest of the useless team.

The Blackhawks will face the talented Tampa Bay Lightning team in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in Tampa on Wednesday night. Toews vs. Stammer should be an awesome matchup between the two captains. I like Stamkos a lot, he’s a good human being and the Hawks frankly win too much. Also, living in Tampa Bay is bad enough. Have you been? It’s a dump. They need this cup more then we do. Both teams are expected to play little defence which is great for entertainment value for all hockey fans.  Cheers – Blackhawks!

Blackhawks Win Game 7: Advance to Finals

Blackhawks Win Game 7: Advance to Finals

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